P.A.W.S Rescue and Sanctuary



Dogs & Puppies: $200-$300

Kittens 6 months and under: $125

Cats and Kittens over 6 months: $100

* Adoption fees are subject to change

Paws Rescue & Sanctuary is a 501(C)3, non-profit, no kill group, that offers rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary to animals in need until they find their forever home. We are made up of volunteers that care for and socialize our animals.  Our goal is to offer each one a safe, loving, and permanent home.

Small Animals & Farm Animals

We help small & farm animals that have been displaced or need rescue. (we do not do large cattle or horses)

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Our Wish List

Canned Food (any brand)

Cat Litter (Scoopable)

Dog Treats (any brand)


Paper Towels/Bleach


Gift Cards

Sponsor A Pet

 Sponsoring an animal is a great way you can give. Not only are you donating to our mission, your also helping an animal in need.